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Clear Out the Old and Dead Trees With Our Tree Service!

Over the years, it’s to be expected that your yard will be collecting old, maybe diseased, and even dead trees and other kinds of greenery. Apart from giving your lawn a very dead and uninviting appearance, there’s really no more benefit or use to be had from them; so where do you go from here? Well, let us here at Progressive Tree Care make things easier for you. With our tree service, which has helped plenty of residents and business owners here in Placentia, CA, we can take those dead trees and clear your lot from the unsightly obstructions!

Trim and Remove

We specialize in tree trimming and removal, especially palm tree trimming and removal. We first assess the trees on your lawn and take note of the healthy ones and all the others. As for the healthier ones, we will see if the tops need trimming and thinning to allow for more sunlight to stream in and penetrate them, keeping them growing healthily. We will also see if there are specific limbs and branches that need to be cut off to keep the disease from spreading. As for the other trees that are past the point of remediation and pruning, we can uproot them and dispose of them properly and responsibly.

Cleaning Service

Of course, there’s bound to be some mess afterward. But you don’t have to worry about all those leaf clippings, cut-off limbs, and felled trees because we also offer a reliable cleanup service. We can even haul it elsewhere so that your garbage containers don’t get filled immediately.

Stump Extraction

Sometimes, there may be leftover stumps, especially in the case of much bigger trees. The remedy that you can rely, that our clients here in Placentia, CA have been relying on, is our stump removal service. We have our own tried-and-tested methods of completely removing them.

These services are available to both homeowners and business owners here in Villa Park CA who have their respective tree problems. As for you, you can stop stressing over dead trees and start calling Progressive Tree Care now at (714) 467-2776!

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